Utah Asthma Program
Utah Asthma Program

State Plan

Utah Asthma Plan 2012-2016

Utah's Asthma Plan 2012 - 2016 (PDF)

The Utah Asthma Plan provides a road map of asthma activities for the Utah Asthma Task Force. It was developed over the course of a year from 2011-2012. Stakeholders were gathered for the Utah Asthma Summit in October 2011.

The Summit was an all-day meeting designed to provide direction in revising the Utah Asthma Plan. Participants were placed in one of four breakout groups based on their area of expertise:

  • education
  • environment
  • health care access
  • policy

In each breakout group, participants were asked to define an overarching goal, identify current programs and projects relating to that goal, and discuss gaps in programs that needed to be addressed. This information was used to identify and prioritize measurable outcomes. Participants outlined strategies and activities to achieve these outcomes. Ongoing planning and meetings are conducted at quarterly task force meetings.

Previous State Plans

  • In September 2003, the Utah Asthma Task Force unveiled the first Utah Asthma Plan to address asthma from a public health perspective. From this plan, the Utah Asthma Task Force, the Utah Asthma Program, and many dedicated community partners moved forward implementing activities to reduce the burden of asthma in Utah.
  • In April 2007, the Utah Asthma Task Force unveiled the 5-year Utah's Asthma Plan 2007 - 2012.