Air Quality Recess Guidance for Schools

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality, the State Office of Education and the Utah Department of Health have collaborated to develop a set of air quality guidelines to help schools determine when to cancel outdoor recess on bad air days.

Recess Guidance

School Flag Program

The School Flag Program was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and helps children, parents, and school personnel be aware of daily air quality conditions. Each day, a flag is raised in front of participating schools that signals the level of air pollution for that day.

The School Flag Program is meant to accompany, not replace, the Recess Guidance. The School Flag Program is designed to increase awareness of air quality, not make decisions about recess.

The Utah Asthma Program has a limited number of flag sets available to schools for free. Principals can contact if they are interested in participating in this program.

Fact Sheets, and Other Resources