Tracking pollution

What does" red", "yellow" or "green" air days mean?

Color action days: A yellow or red air day or color action day (red, yellow, or green), calls for public action to reduce pollution. YELLOW and RED air days are a call for public action to reduce pollution.

  • A RED day is called when we have or are expected to go over the pollution standard.
    • This means we must do all we can to reduce the amount of pollution we are putting into the air, like not driving.
  • A YELLOW day is called when we are close to the pollution standard and we need to work to keep us below the standard.
    • On a yellow day we need to limit activities that put pollution into the air (like driving) to help us keep air pollution below the standard.
  • A GREEN day is called when the air quality is good.

What are health advisories?

Health advisories: These help people to be aware of health risks associated with various levels of pollution.

Note: Action days and health advisories are not the same. Individuals are encouraged to use the health advisories and an individual’s sensitivity rather than the color air actions days to determine health decisions (example: no exercising outdoors).

All of this information is available at Utah Division of Air Quality

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