Utah Asthma Program
Utah Asthma Program

Self-Administration of Asthma Medication at School

  • Utah's Inhaler Law (Utah Code Annotated UCA-53A11-602).
  • Asthma Self-Administration Form (Español): Students can carry and self-administer inhaled asthma medications at school. These forms provide the necessary written information to allow your student to carry an inhaler.
  • Combined Asthma School Form (Español): This form combines all of the forms you need to manage asthma at school. It serves as an asthma action plan, medication authorization, and self-administration form.
  • Asthma Action Plan (Español): Ask your doctor for a written Asthma Action Plan for the school. This plan should include asthma symptoms, triggers, medications, and emergency contact information.

Tips for working with schools if your child has asthma:


  • Plan a meeting with school staff (school nurse, teacher, and physical education teacher) before school starts to review the Asthma Action Plan and your child's asthma symptoms, triggers, and medications.
  • Keep in touch. Continue talking with your child and school staff about managing asthma at school on a regular basis. Talk with school staff if your child misses school and assignments.