Utah Asthma Program
Utah Asthma Program

Self-Administration of Asthma Medication at School

  • Utah's Inhaler Law (Utah Code Annotated UCA-53G-9-503, formerly 53A-11-602).
  • Asthma Action Plan, Medication Authorization and Self-Administration Form (Combined Asthma School Form): This link takes you to the Utah School Nurses Guidelines page with both English and Spanish combined asthma school forms available. This form combines all of the forms you need to manage asthma at school. It serves as an asthma action plan, medication authorization, and self-administration form.
  • Asthma Self-Administration Form: Students can carry and self-administer inhaled asthma medications at school. This link takes you to the Utah School Nurses Guidlines page with both English and Spanish forms available. The form provides the necessary written information to allow your student to carry an inhaler.
  • Asthma Action Plan (Español): Ask your doctor for a written Asthma Action Plan for the school. This plan should include asthma symptoms, triggers, medications, and emergency contact information.

Tips for working with schools if your child has asthma:


  • Plan a meeting with school staff (school nurse, teacher, and physical education teacher) before school starts to review the Asthma Action Plan and your child's asthma symptoms, triggers, and medications.
  • Keep in touch. Continue talking with your child and school staff about managing asthma at school on a regular basis. Talk with school staff if your child misses school and assignments.