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What's New
  • November 2014 update: The program will be accepting applications for the waiver for a three week period from November 17, 2014 through December 7, 2014. The application will be available on this website, both online and in paper format. For information please contact the Utah Department of Health at 801-538-6357.
  • We will continue to provide information and updates on this site as they become available. In addition, there is a Listserv available to join to receive information by email as it becomes available. This list is designed to provide current information about the Medicaid Autism Waiver. It is a tool that allows subscribers to receive updates and information about the waiver. To join the Listserv, click the link on the left side of this page, “Join Autism Listserv” and follow the instructions there.

Program Information

  • The Medicaid Autism Waiver is a program to assist children age 2 through 6 who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • The waiver provides in-home services using treatment methods that have been proven to be effective for children with ASD
  • Approximately 290 children will be served by the Medicaid Autism Waiver each year
  • Openings on the waiver are distributed based on geographical areas within the state using population figures from the 2010 US Census (ex. If an area contains 10% of the state population, it will receive 10% of the waiver openings.)


  • Be between 2 and 6 years of age
  • Have an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis from a clinician who is authorized within the scope of their licensure
  • Only the child’s income and assets are used to determine eligibility for the program
  • All other factors of Medicaid eligibility must be met (ex. US Citizen or qualified alien, etc.)

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