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Testing Positive for HIV



Testing Positive

Resources for people who test positive for HIV


This website has links to things you should know including the basics of HIV/AIDS and just being diagnosed, information on HIV monitoring tests and treatment, dating issues, preventing other infections, anxiety, depression, diet and nutrition as well as how to tell others about your HIV status.

Follow the links on the left to Key Topics. Under that link is an HIV/AIDS encyclopedia including information on treatment, resistance testing, living with HIV and women’s issues.

Written by Wynn Wagner, this article is a comprehensive step-by-step list of what is going to happen to you now that you just found out that you’re HIV positive. Written in an easy to follow, first hand way, if includes sections entitled “Five pointers for survival”, “It really isn’t a death sentence”, and other informational topics.

This is a great article from the Gay Men’s Health Crisis about living with HIV Disease and taking care of yourself.

Practical information such as making decisions about therapies, building a cooperative doctor-patient relationship and an opportunistic infections chart make this site very informative.


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