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HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care Program - Ryan White Part B





  1. Start by choosing a case manager from the list below. Case managers can help you and your family make a plan to get the medical services and community support services you may need.

  2. Call your case manager to see if you meet the requirements and to be signed up.

  3. If you do not have a case manager, look at the list below. Your case manager will help you fill out the forms and send them to the HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care Program. Some services offered under the Supportive Services Program require a referral; your case manager will fill that out and send it in to the HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care Program.

Case Management

Utah AIDS Foundation
(801) 487-2323
Toll free 1-800-865-5004

*University of Utah - Clinic 1A
(801) 585-2670

*VA Medical Center
(801) 582-1565 ext 1184

* You must be a patient at one of these clinics to use their case management services.

Download and Print Applications

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Spanish                                           Spanish


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