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Medical Interpreters

"Bridging the Gap" Medical Interpreter Training Course

Spring 2014 Biannual Training
Registration Deadline: March 31, 2014
Training Dates: April 28-30 and May 8-9, 2014
Times: 8:00am-5:00pm
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: Edwin Espinel 801-538-9480 eespinel@utah.gov

Training Information
Application Form

Fall 2014 Biannual Training
Registration Deadline: TBA
Training Dates: TBA
Times: TBA
Location: TBA
Contact: Jelena Pasalic 801-538-6977 Jpasalic@utah.gov

Please Note: Preference is given to candidates who are sponsored by a qualified agency working in HIV/STD prevention, or a refugee resettlement organization. Candidates who are not accepted may visit the following website to view other "Bridging the Gap" training opportunities: http://xculture.org/

Mental Health Interpreting Resources

Training Needs in Refugee Mental Health Interpreting in Utah

Recognizing the unique challenges that interpreting in the mental health setting presents to both the clinician and interpreter, the Utah Refugee Health Program within the Utah Department of Health sought to gain a better understanding of and address the specific challenges faced by interpreters and clinicians. Specifically, the project aim was to (a) gather information on the training and professional development necessary to prepare interpreters for working within the mental health setting and (b) improve communication between interpreters and clinicians with regard to addressing secondary trauma.
The Utah Department of Health, Refugee Health Program developed the project with the name of "Training Needs in Refugee Mental Health Interpreting in Utah" and presented the project at the 7th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health held in Los Angeles, CA on June 23 - 27, 2013. This project received 3rd place in the poster competition among over 100 posters from around the world! See poster here

An Invitation to Join the Utah Medical Interpreters Listserver
The Utah Department of Health, Tuberculosis Control and Refugee Health, has created a listserver for medical interpreters and others involved with refugee health. The listserver will provide its members an easy way to exchange information and to discuss issues such as:
    • upcoming medical interpreters' training courses and refresher courses
    • situations and/or areas where medical interpreters are needed
    • other issues of concern to medical interpreters
    • refugee health issues
    • upcoming workshops, etc. related to medical interpreters and/or refugee health
What does it mean to be a member of this listserver?
As a member of the listserver, you will receive email messages from other members. If you are interested in the message, read it (and reply if you wish); otherwise, delete it. You may also send messages to the listserver that will then be distributed to all members (but you don't have to send messages to be a member of the listserver). Most of the time, you will receive no more than one to two messages from the listserver in a given week.
What are the rules of the listserver?
The ground rules for the listserver are simple:
    1. Respect everyone's privacy. Don't send messages that would allow readers to identify a patient, health care provider or clinic. The only exception to this rule is when a health care provider or clinic wishes to ask for assistance from a member of the listserver.
    2. Please be polite when sending or replying to messages. Don't send messages that belittle or criticize others. If you have a problem with a health care provider or clinic, please contact them directly.
How can I join the listserver?
Joining the listserver is easy!
  1. To subscribe to the listserver, email a message to: lyris@list.utah.gov and type "subscribe utah_medical_interpreter1" in the subject line (leave out the quotation marks). You will receive a confirmation of your subscription. To unsubscribe, send another message to the same address with "unsubscribe utah_medical_interpreter1" in the subject line (and leave out the quotation marks).
  2. To send a message to be posted on the listserver, email your message to: utah_medical_interpreter1@list.utah.gov. Be sure to include a subject line with your message.
How can I get help?
Call the Treatment & Care Services Program at
(801) 538-6191


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