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Children's Hearing Aid Pilot Program (CHAPP)

H.B. 157 (2013 General Session) UCA 26-10-11, whose Chief Sponsor was Representative Rebecca P. Edwards, created a two-year pilot program within the Department of Health to provide hearing aids to qualifying children under three years of age who have hearing loss.Baby with hearing aids

The Utah Department of Health (UDOH), authorized by Utah law, now has rule (R398-3) in place to govern administration of the (H.B. 157) Children's Hearing Aid Pilot Program.

CHAPP is currently accepting applications and all necessary forms can be found by clicking on the links below.  PLEASE NOTE that all application forms need to be submitted to your child’s audiologist who will then apply to the program on your behalf.



Qualifying children must:

  • be a resident of Utah
  • be diagnosed by an audiologist with pediatric expertise as having hearing loss
  • provide documentation from an audiologist with pediatric expertise certifying that he/she needs hearing aids
  • be younger than three years old
  • be ineligible  to receive a hearing aid through the state’s Medicaid program
  • not have insurance coverage for hearing aids
  • meet the financial need qualification criteria established by the department for participation in the pilot program


For more information, please contact your pediatric audiologist or the Utah Department of Health Children’s Hearing and Speech Services at (801) 584-8215.  If you are in need of an audiologist possessing expertise in diagnosing hearing loss and fitting hearing aids on young children, you can go to to find one in your area.

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