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Hearing Aid Recycling Program (HARP)


The purpose of the Hearing Aid Recycling Program (HARP) is to obtain previously owned hearing aids from communities and to make them available to hearing impaired children throughout Utah.

Donated hearing aids are cleaned, tested, and if necessary, repaired by the Utah Department of Health, Children's Hearing and Speech Services (CHSS). Individuals donating HARP aids are sent a receipt verifying their donations.

Obtaining HARP Hearing Aids

Children may be referred to the HARP program from both public and private sources. Hearing testing and hearing aid fittings may be provided through CHSS, schools or other public/private audiologists who agree to fit HARP aids. The program does not pay for outside testing or fitting services.

Once a family is found HARP eligible, and both the child’s audiologist and the parents agree to a HARP hearing aid fitting, the audiologist shall contact the HARP coordinator to see if appropriate instruments are available. The HARP coordinator will work with the child’s audiologist to choose the hearing aid(s) and they will be forwarded to the audiologist. There are no HSVS/HARP funds to purchase new hearing aids, if appropriate aids are not available.

HARP Eligibility

Children, age 0-18 years, from families in need of financial assistance, are eligible to apply for HARP. They must not qualify for hearing aids through insurance, Medicaid or CHIP. Financial eligibility is determined by information reported on a financial form completed by the child’s parents. If the child and family appear to meet Medicaid or CHIP eligibility, the Medicaid or CHIP application process must be completed before HARP hearing aids are considered. For families covered by private insurance, a copy of the policy excluding hearing aids must be included with the HARP application.

Families are eligible for recycled aids if their income is up to 225% of the federal poverty guideline and no other funding is available, HARP hearing aids are provided to families without charge.

A HARP eligible child may receive one hearing aid per ear within a three-year period, according to the availability of appropriate aids. HARP hearing aids may be exchanged if the fitting is no longer appropriate. Necessary repairs to donated aids will be paid for by CHSS as long as the patient is financially eligible.

HARP Applications and Donating Hearing Aids

To donate hearing aids or to see if your child qualifies for the HARP program, please call our office at (801) 584-8215 or 1 (800) 829-8200, option 2, then option 3. Families will be required to fill out a financial disclosure and an application for services when applying for HARP hearing aids.

Donors will receive a self-addressed, stamped, packing envelope in which to send in donated hearing aids. Once the hearing aids are received a letter of contribution will be sent out. Donations may be tax deductible.

For information on the HARP program on donating hearing aids you may also e-mail us at

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