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If you have questions about whether your Social Security number was stolen, call Utah's Data Security Ombudsman

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The Data Breach Solution Center Provided by the Utah Department of Health

**Free Credit Monitoring Extended for Second Year**

The State recently extended the free credit monitoring services for a second year to victims who have enrolled. The credit monitoring extension is automatic and was completed by April 9, 2013. Those who already enrolled do not need to take any action. Ignore all notices that state your services will soon expire.

The Data Breach

In March 2012, computer hackers broke into a Utah State government server and stole the Social Security numbers of up to 280,000 people, as well as less-sensitive information from up to an additional 500,000 others. Find out more about the data breach.

What is the State Doing to Help?

We at the Utah Department of Health understand how upsetting this news is, and we apologize for the stress it has caused. The state accepts full responsibility and has taken several significant steps to fix the situation, protect your credit, and make sure a data breach like this never happens again.

  • Free Credit Monitoring
    We have extened free credit monitoring for a second year if your Social Security number was stolen. Find out more.
  • Free Identity Theft Counseling
    We are currently offering free identity theft counseling services with ID Experts if your Social Security number was stolen. Find out more.
  • Data Security Ombudsman
    We have appointed Sheila Walsh-McDonald and her staff to personally assist anyone affected by the breach. Find out more.
  • Statewide Workshops
    We held a series of workshops around the state to explain the data breach and guide Utahns through the process of getting help. Find out more.
  • Independent and Internal Reviews
    Independent auditors have performed internal reviews to determine the cause of the breach and to secure all state servers against further breaches. Find out more.
  • Notification Letters
    We mailed letters to as many people as possible whose Social Security numbers and other personal information were stolen. Find out more.