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Office of Health Disparities

Training Resources

Health in 3-D: Understanding Diversity, Determinants and Disparities

Health in 3-D is a 28 minute video created for use as diversity or customer services training. It can be used by individuals or in groups like staff meetings or discussion groups. It features local Utahns as they share their health stories demonstrating how diversity, determinants and disparities are important to understand when serving the public.

Health in 3-D Training Tools

Using U-Train

For local and state health department employees and other authorized users, you can track this training using U-Train. You must visit U-Train after watching the video and complete the Post-Assessment and Evaluation to receive credit for the course. To get started, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to U-Train at and log in or create an account. Enter the Course ID number in the upper right hand corner: 1069914. On the Course Details page, choose the "Registration" tab.
  2. Click "Launch".
  3. The video will launch in another screen. After viewing the video (or if you have already viewed the video), go back to the U-Train screen and click "Assessment". Take the quiz, which consists of 10 multiple choice and true/false questions. You must get at least 7 questions right to get credit for the course. You may retake the quiz if you do not pass.
  4. When you complete the quiz, another button, "Evaluation" appears. Click it and take the evaluation, which consists of two yes/no questions.

You will receive an email upon completion. Check the email to verify that you received a score of 7 or higher. If you did not, you will need to retake the quiz. If you passed, OHD will be automatically notified of your course completion without any further effort on your part.

If you would like a certificate for passing the training, you can get one while logged in at the U-Train website. Click on "Home", click on "My Certificates", then click on the printer icon next to "Health in 3D". This will generate a certificate in PDF format that you can save or print.

Paper Quiz

There is also the option of taking the quiz with pen and paper. The Quiz is included with the Answer Guide.

Accessing other OHD training using UTrain

Public health employees can access other OHD training and print certificates using UTrain. Follow these instructions.

For Me, For Us: Promoting healthy weight, access to health care and healthy births to diverse Utah communities

For Me, For Us is a community training video addressing access to health care, infant mortality, and obesity. Versions are designed for Utah's African American, Hispanic/Latino and Pacific Islander communities.

Utah minority groups face unique health challenges. African American and Pacific Islander babies are significantly more likely to die before their first birthday than infants statewide. Hispanics are less likely to have access to needed medical care than any other racial/ethnic group. All three groups have higher obesity rates than the statewide population. These videos address these issues in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

The videos include tips like preparing healthier meals, taking care of your health during pregnancy and pregnancy spacing. They also remind viewers that everyone should get an annual checkup, even if they are feeling well because common diseases often have no symptoms.

What makes this video special?

  • It was filmed in Salt Lake, Weber and Summit counties featuring local community members.
  • Health messages are targeted to Utah African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos and Pacific Islanders.
  • It is available in English, Spanish, Samoan and Tongan.
  • Topics include healthy eating, access to health care and healthy births, all health challenges facing minorities in Utah.
  • It was developed in partnership with local community-based organizations.

Video versions available

For African Americans

For Hispanics/Latinos - English

For Hispanics/Latinos - Spanish

For Pacific Islanders - English





For General Population

For Me, For Us videos were produced by Williams Visual Inc.

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