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Bureau of Epidemiology

Environmental Epidemiology Program

Jacobs Smelter

Miners in front of the Jacob's Smelter in Stockton, Utah, circa 1890.


The Jacobs Smelter site is located in the town of Stockton, Tooele County, Utah. Stockton is a community with 437 residents located on State Route 36, approximately 5 miles south of Tooele City, Utah. The town is approximately 45 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. Development of the mining industries in Stockton started following the discovery of silver and lead in the foothills east of the town. Numerous smelters were built around Stockton to support more than 100 mines and claims operating in the area. Mining activities were at their height during the 1870's.

Studies completed by the Utah Department of Envrionmental Quality ( UDEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) have found elevated levles of lead and arsenic in the soils in the area.

A Public Health Assessment (PHA) was conducted for the smelter site and surrounding area. The PHA was completed in 1999.

  • Public Health Assessment
    • The PHA evaluated the potential for long-term health impacts in the community.
    • The Jacobs Smelter Site is considered a public health hazard (ATSDR health hazard category B) because of the high levels of lead and arsenic in the soil in residential areas. However, biological testing for blood lead and urine arsenic did not indicate that the residents were exposed to excessive levels of lead or arsenic.
    • Children living in this area should have their blood-lead levels tested.