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New Choices Waiver

Important Proposed Program Changes

At the end of December 2014, the New Choices Waiver program reached the enrollment cap that was approved by the federal government.  Because of this the program will not be accepting applications until July 1, 2015 when the program will once again have space available.  The program will be increasing its capacity limit from 1700 to 2000 at that time.

Please be advised that beginning July 1, 2015, there will be some changes to the admission policy:

  • The majority of available waiver slots will be reserved for long term residents of nursing facilities and other Utah licensed medical institutions (excluding institutions for mental disease).  Admission policies for this population will not be changing and applications will be accepted throughout the year.
  • For individuals applying from other qualifying settings such as licensed assisted living facilities or licensed small health care facilities, applications will only be permitted during three open application periods each year.   The actual number of individuals admitted during each application period will be limited.  Applicants who have lived in a qualifying facility type the longest will be given preference.

The open application schedule for fiscal year 2016 will be as follows:

  • July 1 - July 14, 2015
  • November 1 – November 14, 2015
  • March 1 – March 14, 2016

Applications must be date stamped with a date that falls within the application period dates in order to be considered.  (Fax date stamp, USPS post mark, or secure email received date stamp.)

  • For people applying to the New Choices Waiver program from licensed assisted living facilities and small health care facilities, there will be an increase to the length of stay requirement from 180 days in previous policy to 365 days in the new policy.  To meet this criterion, applicants must have satisfied the full 365 days on or before the last day of the open application period in which they apply.

The New Choices Waiver program is in the process of updating its application materials.  Old applications will not be valid when the program begins accepting new applications, so please contact the program office in mid-June to request an updated application.  (800) 662-9651, option 6.

The Information Below Reflects Current Policy That Will Expire June 30, 2015


This waiver is designed to serve people who meet nursing facility levelof care and who have been residing long term in a nursing facility or assisted living facility. The program provides supportive services to enable individuals to live in their own homes or in other community based settings.

Eligibility Requirements

In addition, eligible individuals must be:


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