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computer MMIS Replacement Project
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Utah MMIS Replacement Project Overview

The Utah Department of Health, Division of Medicaid and Health Financing (DMHF) and Department of Technology Services (DTS) in conjunction with CNSI and Cognosante are working together over the next 5 years to design, develop, implement and transition a modern MMIS system. All are striving to reduce fraud and abuse, improve health outcomes and deliver high quality health care services for State residents, in the most cost effective way.

CNSI brings a qualified team to work with our equally qualified Utah Team to build on CNSI's already established system, "eCAMS", to support Utah's Medicaid rules and regulations. CNSI will not only provide an industry leading health care platform, but also health care policy through leadership and vision, enabling the State to meet future policy changes and mandates. Their solution is the new normal to manage the complete Medicaid enterprise.

Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) is performed by the Cognosante IV&V Team in direct support of the State and Federal project stakeholders to provide an independent evaluation of project activities conducted by the State and the DDI vendor (CNSI). Cognosante's focus is to provide unbiased fact-based reports, identify high risk areas early, and provide the State with an objective visibility into the progress of project. Their objective is to reduce errors in delivered products and to increase probability of project success.

The first release of new and changed functionality will be early 2014 and will include a Medicaid Portal to facilitate outreach and communication to providers, members, and other stakeholders. DMHF will use this portal to distribute information about the project and other critical data about the Medicaid program.

This release will also include a medical card look up feature. This functionality will allow a provider the ability to look up a client's Medicaid card via the Medicaid Portal. This would require a provider to authenticate that they are a current Medicaid provider and then be able to look at the Medicaid card eligibility based on the client's information. Additional details regarding these changes will be provided as the release date approaches.


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