Emergency Response


This protocol is designed to provide information to emergency services, social services, and public health entities responding to clandestine methamphetamine laboratories, suspected clandestine methamphetamine laboratories, or to situations where the smoking of methamphetamine has been openly conducted.

The protocol covers purposeful entry into these situations as well as inadvertent entry into areas where methamphetamine has been manufactured and/or smoked.  The protocol does NOT cover law enforcement procedures, child protection policies, or any other departmental policies but rather pertains to the management of exposure control and chemical containment within the aforementioned areas.

The protocol, although up to date with the information available at this time, should be reviewed on an annual basis for new information that may be applicable.The portion of the protocol that pertains to the removal and decontamination of children from methamphetamine laboratories and the decontamination of children from probable methamphetamine use situations contains the most current information available from the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children, as well as information from the States of Utah, Michigan, California, and Colorado.

This protocol  provides general guidelines that may be utilized by jurisdictions with different capabilities and needs and an attempt has been made to suggest multiple options for accomplishing the best decontamination in a child-friendly fashion.