Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) Report of Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
February 2008
This report provides data on admissions to treatment for methamphetamine and other drugs of abuse.

The website also has information specific to treatment in your area.

Community Mental Health Resources:

Bear River Health Department
(435) 734-1321

Davis Behavioral Health

Park City (Summit County)
(435) 649-8347

Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County Substance Abuse Services 

Valley Mental Health


Valley Mental Health

Utah County Mental Health

Utah County Division of Substance Abuse

Wasatch Mental Health

Wasatch County

Heber Valley Counseling


Intermountain Health Care
(Salt Lake City, UT)

  • Outpatient, Wasatch Canyons: 265-3000
  • Acute Detox: 265-3000
  • Day Treatment: 265-3000
  • Residential: 265-3142

University of Utah
(Salt Lake City, UT)

  • Out patient, Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Clinic: 585-1212
  • Intensive Out Patient (IOP): (801) 583-2500
  • Day Treatment, Teen Scope: 587-3223
  • Acute Detox, Youth Unit: 587-3190


Copperhills Youth Center
West Valley, UT (801) 561-3377

North Salt Lake, UT  (801)936-4000

New Haven Inc
Lehi, UT  (801) 768-2495
Spanish Fork, UT  (801) 794-1218

Odyssey House
Salt Lake City, UT  (801)363-0203

Provo Canyon School
Provo, UT (801) 227-2000

Salt Lake City Area

Alpine Center For Personal Growth
SLC, UT (801) 359-4884

Asian Association of Utah
Special Language Services: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese
SLC, UT   (801) 467-6060

Cornerstone Counseling Center
SLC, UT  (801)355-2846

Project Reality (Drug screens – ONLY)
SLC, UT  (801) 364-8080

SOUTH of Salt Lake City

ACT NOW Counseling
Sandy, UT   (801) 661-2986

Family Counseling Center
Murray, UT   (801) 261-3500

Intermountain Specialized Abuse Treatment Center
Murray,UT  (801) 268-4454

Salt Lake County Youth Services
Riverton, UT  (801) 468-3834

Youth Support Systems
West Valley, UT  (801) 969-3307

Utah County Area

Addiction and Psychological Services
Orem, UT  (801) 222-0603

Institute For Cognitive Therapy Inc
Orem, UT   (801) 802-8608

Intermountain Specialized Abuse Treatment Center
Provo, UT  (801) 373-0210

Project Reality (Drug Screens - ONLY)
Provo, UT  (801) 851-7118

NORTH of Salt Lake City

Blue Skies Recovery Center
Ogden, UT (801) 392-8900

Professional Services Corporation
Ogden, UT (801) 621-3624

Weber Human Services
Ogden, UT   (801) 625-3700

Heber Valley Counseling
Outpatient: Heber, UT  (435) 654-3003


AUDIT: (WHO free alcohol screening tool)

Directory for all substance abuse treatment centers (adult and adolescent)

Pediatric Symptom Checklist

Edward G Callister Foundation
Hope Today: For people with the disease of chemical addition

University of Utah Addiction Center
Dedicated to the prevention of chemical addiction and the improvement of patient care through research, education, and clinical training