Drug Endangered Children

Drug Endangered Children (DEC) are those children who are affected physically, psychologically, or emotionally from consequences related to illegal drug use and production.  These children often suffer from neglect of basic food and safety, injury from explosion, exposure to toxic chemicals, medical neglect, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, or otherwise negatively impacted by illegal drugs. 

Many DEC are associated with meth production and use.  Children found in clandestine drug labs where meth is being produced are often found by first responders and may require different type of medical response than those found living in a meth use situation.  For that reason, the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children and Utah’s Drug Endangered Children Medical Advisory Team have developed two protocols for medical response.

LEVEL ONE protocol is intended for children found in a lab situation.

LEVEL TWO protocol is intended for children in a meth use situation.