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General Information

The Office of the Medical Examiner, State of Utah, is a statewide system for the investigation of sudden and unexpected death. Established in 1972 as a division of the Utah Dept. of Health, the OME is based in Salt Lake City. The central office staff is comprised of four forensic pathologists (Todd C. Grey, M.D. - Chief Medical Examiner, Edward A. Leis, M.D. - Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Erik D Christensen (Assistant Medical Examiner), three autopsy assistants, two full time investigators(John E. Foster - Chief Investigator and Robert Blanchard), and four administrative staff. Part-time employees provide after hours staffing and histology services. Part-time investigators (both contracted and employed) are utilized throughout the state. Cases from areas outside of the Wasatch front which do not require the expertise of a forensic pathologist, are examined by Deputy Medical Examiners. These individuals are physicians in the community who will perform external examinations and complete death certificates as representatives of the OME. Cases requiring an autopsy will be brought to Salt Lake City for examination at the central office.
The central office is located on the east bench of the city, adjacent to the University of Utah School of Medicine and Primary Children's Medical Center. The facility is housed in a 16,000 sq. ft. building that was completed in 1991.

On the lower level are the body reception area, two separate examination areas (one four station area for general use and a single station room for special procedures and decomposed cases), an X-ray suite, tissue harvesting room, histology lab, and evidence room, as well as locker rooms, autopsy assistant office and storage areas.

There is also a 1500 sq. ft. body refrigeration area. On the upper level are offices for the physicians, investigators and administrative staff along with two conference rooms, reception area, a library, photographic darkroom and records storage area. Toxicology services are provided by the Utah State Health Dept. laboratory which is located next to the medical examiner facility.

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