Bicycle Skills Rodeo

What is a bicycle rodeo?

A bicycle rodeo is a clinic that teaches children the importance of riding a bicycle safely and what skills and precautions they need to develop to have a safe time on their bicycles.

What takes place at a bicycle rodeo?

Bicycle rodeos are designed for children 4-13 years of age. Each rodeo usually begins with a short lecture on bicycle safety and a safety check for both the rider and bicycle. Bicycle rodeos also have some type of a road course to teach children how to handle riding their bikes in real life situations such as traffic lights, stop signs, pedestrians crossing the streets, and road intersections.

Why is it important to teach children how to ride bicycles safely?

Some adults may think that teaching bicycling skills is not necessary, since they as kids never had any formal bicycle training. Today however, roadways are a lot more crowded. There are increasingly more motor vehicles on the road which can make roadways very intimidating to bicyclists. It is important that bicyclists learn how to safely “drive” a bicycle.  A bicycle is more than just a toy - it is a vehicle. Bicyclists can ride safely ridden on the road but the rules of the road must be followed and safety skills learned.

How do I conduct a bicycle rodeo in my community?

The Utah Department of Health has two bicycle rodeo trailers that contain all the necessary equipment for conducting a bicycle rodeo. These trailers can be used by the public free of charge. To reserve the bicycle rodeo trailer, or for more information on conducting a bicycle rodeo, contact Keri Gibson at 801-243-7571 or kgibson@utah.gov.

You can also download the Bicycle Skills Rodeo Packet which demonstrates 14 different bicycle skills safety stations that can be used for a bicycle rodeo course.