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Head injury is the leading cause of death in bicycle/motor vehicle-related crashes. Wearing a helmet is one of the best ways to lower your risk of head injury and death in a bicycle crash. In fact, studies show bicycle helmets reduce the risk of serious head injuries by 85-88% (1, 2).

Utah has a higher percentage of bicyclists who wear a bike helmet than the U.S. (30.8% vs. 20-25%) (1). A statewide helmet observational survey conducted in Utah in 2007 showed that 23% of elementary school-age bicyclists, 14% of secondary school-age bicyclists, and 58% of adult bicyclists wore bicycle helmets.

See how Utah compares with other states on helmet use, or download the Bicyle Helmet Use in Utah, 2008 fact sheet and the Bicycle Helmet Use in Utah, 10-year Observational Survey, 1994-2003 for more information.


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