Dating Violence Awareness Month
February 2013

In 2010, Congress declared the entire month of February National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Utah Teen Dating Scene

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"Let Your Heart Rule" Find out how you or your school can get involved in National Teen Dating Violence Awarenes Month!

How to Plan a Dating Abuse Prevention Week at Your School:

Step 1: Get a group of students and faculty together to plan the week's activities.

Step 2: Decide on what specific things you what to highlight (i.e. warning signs, healthy relationships, statistics, etc.).

Step 3: Decide how many activities you can realistically do at your school.

Step 4: Brainstorm activities. Use these ideas as a starting point or check out our links page for more resources.

  • Join Facebook's Utah Teen Dating Scene fanpage or visit the Utah Teen Dating Scene website.
  • Organize a Stomp Out Dating Violence dance at your school.
  • Enter the Media and Art Contest, open to students grade 7-12. View past winners!
  • Ask your teacher about getting dating violence curriculum started in your school district.
  • Get educated and educate others about healthy relationships
  • Organize a Teen Dating Violence Campaign.
  • Hang educational posters around your school to get students and teachers talking about how to prevent dating violence.
  • Create a public service announcement and play it on your school's morning television announcements.

Step 5: Assign a leader to each group and have fun planning your week.


What’s going on in my high school or community?

High schools around Utah have planned an entire week of activities on dating abuse prevention. Students have created public service announcements (PSAs) that play during their morning television announcements, while others students have chosen to plan lunch activities where dating violence statistics and warning signs are addressed. Other schools have arranged to have guest speakers come present during school assemblies.

To find out about specific events at your high school, contact Katie McMinn at 801-538-9277.