Domestic Violence and Health Care Providers

Emergency Department Survey on Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence, 2009 results

Health care professionals have the unique opportunity and ethical responsibility to identify victims of interpersonal violence and to refer and intervene on their behalf. Health care providers are often the first or only professionals to see the injuries of the abused, yet many victims of domestic violence move in and out of the health care system without identification or referrals.

The Utah Department of Health Violence and Injury Prevention Program and Utah Domestic Violence Council Health Care Committee have developed a training manual, training Power Point presentation, and RADAR cards that can assist health care providers in training their staff on responding to domestic violence.

To schedule a training or learn about additional resources contact Katie McMinn at kmcminn@utah.gov or (801) 538-9277.


Health Care Provider Training Materials

health care provider manual

Clinical Guidelines for Assessment and Referral for Victims of Domestic Violence: A Reference for Utah Health Care Providers 2013
Training PowerPoint Presentation

RADAR card (front)

RADAR card (back)