Child Passenger Safety

Child Passenger Safety

Many children are hurt in crashes because they aren’t properly buckled into a car seat or booster seat. In 2012, booster seat use among children ages 4-7 in crashes in Utah was 56% (1). The older the child, the less likely they were using a child safety seat in a crash. While 91% of 1-year-olds were in a child safety seat in a crash, only 76% of 4-year-olds, 47% of 6-year-olds, and 14% of 8-year-olds were in a child safety seat. The decrease in child safety seat use among older children is concerning because it means they are moving to adult-sized seat belts too early (1).

Knowing which car seat or booster seat is right for your child - based on their age, height, and weight - and type of vehicle is critical. Trained child passenger safety technicians are available throughout Utah to help you install your child's safety seat the right way.

  • (National) To find a Child Passenger Safety Technician near you, visit and enter your zip code in the Inspection Locator or call 801-662-CARS (2277).

Utah Child Passenger Safety Laws

In 2008, HB140 was passed by the Utah State Legislature. The law requires the operator of a motor vehicle to provide protection for a person younger than 8 years of age by using an appropriate child restraint device like a car seat or a booster seat. Previously, the law required only child under age of 5 to use an approved child restraint device. Children ages 5 to 8 years of age are now protected through use of a booster seat or car seat. However, children younger than 8 who are at least 57 inches tall are exempt from the law and may use a regular seat belt. Booster seat use has increased 61% since passage of the law (1).


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