Green Ribbon Month

Green Ribbon Month is an annual Utah pedestrian safety program that was launched in 1998 by the Davis County SAFE KIDS Coalition. The goal of Green Ribbon Month is to prevent children from being hit by motor vehicles in school zones and crosswalks. Although the program started in one county, it was so successful it quickly spread across the state. More than 40,000 people participated in Green Ribbon Month activities in 2003.

The program involves the entire community. Drivers pledge to drive slowly in school zones and residential areas. Students pledge to walk on sidewalks, look both ways before crossing the street, and to cross at crosswalks. Parents pledge to educate their children about pedestrian safety. Schools provide safety education, assemblies, and other pedestrian safety activities. Government officials, police agencies, and transportation agencies also participate to increase pedestrian safety.

Green ribbons are displayed on signs, cars, people, fences, trees, and poles to remind drivers to watch out for children and reduce speed in school zones and residential areas. Green was chosen to coincide with the fluorescent yellow-green color of pedestrian and school crossing signs.

Costs of the program are minimal. Typically, project coordinators like PTAs will pay less than $15 to purchase ribbons and reproduce pledge cards for participants. Posters and information packets are provided free of charge.

Contact Keri Gibson at 801-243-7571 or kgibson@utah.gov to start your own Green Ribbon Month.

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