Motor Vehicle Crashes

Motor Vehicle Crashes

"When we ask people if they think Zero Fatalities on Utah’s roads is an achievable goal, most people tell us no. But when we ask them how many of their loved ones they’d be willing to lose in a crash, they quickly realize that Zero is the only acceptable number."

A crash occurs in Utah every 10 minutes, a person is injured in a crash every 23 minutes, and a person dies in a crash every 36 hours.

Motor vehicle crashes take a terrible toll on Utah families and communities and are a leading cause of injury-related death for Utahns. According to the Utah Highway Safety Office, in 2012 there were 52,287 motor vehicle crashes on public roadways in Utah, resulting in 22,325 injured persons and 243 deaths. Traffic deaths were the lowest total in Utah since 1974 (1).

The leading causes of fatal crashes in Utah were:

  • Speed (42%)
  • Failed to keep in proper lane (35%)
  • Unrestrained occupants (34%)
  • Drunk driving (16%)
  • Failed to yield (11%)


  1. 2012 Utah Crash Summary Report